Book Trouble

Having remembered to pre-order my Game Guide, yesterday I took a look at my Amazon account to see when it would dispatch. It was now showing as Currently Unavailable (with a proviso that it might not come back into stock), and as due to dispatch next week. What a mess!

I had a quick look at the Game website, who had it in stock and claimed to be dispatching on the 23rd. In fact, they dispatched it that day, and it arrived this morning. Disaster averted. And worth the additional £3 it cost.

Since I’m fighting off some horrid cold virus today, I wrapped myself in a blanket and got stuck in reading the basic information. 

A little comfort reading.

Checking what to avoid.

There are some interviews with the Andromeda team at the end, which I look forward to reading properly when I’ve safely finished the game. As seems to be standard with Prima now, I got a code for a free copy of the e-guide, which in turn unlocked a code for a MP booster pack (I guess it’ll come in handy if I decide to check that out). 

My favourite thing about it is that the end-papers have the signatures of the developers who’ve worked on the game 🙂

So this is cool.