Locked Door Mystery

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Eos: A Better Beginning, First Murderer, Lost Brother, Ryder Family Secrets, The Secret Project.


When I started up the game again we were plunged into a firefight – I’d cunningly managed to save in the pause before kett reinforcements dropped in. On clearing them for the second time I realised we’d missed a generator right at the entrance to the centre. With that deactivated, there was still one to go. 

A quick drive round the base of monolith showed that there was no route up – we would have to jump the canyon to access the rest of the site. I sent Esme hurtling to her death (jump-jets notwithstanding) several times before I found a place where we could cross safely. I braced myself for an influx of kett as she deactivated the last generator, but instead we got a cut-scene of an eerily deserted research centre. Deserted until a Krogan hurled itself and a wraith through a window anyway. And that’s how we met Drack.

“Ryder.” … “Drack.”
Drack’s approach to Esme and team was somewhat stereotypically Krogan, but, like so many others in Andromeda, he backed off at the word Pathfinder. While not impressed enough to sign up for the Pathfinder team just yet, he at least left without starting a fight.

After looting the lab and identifying a former colonist for Nexus retrieval, we headed on to the monolith itself. No Remnant this time – I guess the kett dealt with them – so collecting the glyphs and accessing the interface was a doddle. The beams from the three monoliths converged on the lake, and we left to meet Peebee at the newly-revealed site.

We called down a forward station on the way, then used the interface on the shoreline to open the door and raise a bridge across to the island where Peebee and her shuttle awaited us. A ramp led down into the structure; at the bottom we came to a locked door, and the end of main story progression during the EA Access trial. Whatever was behind the door would have to wait til the game’s EU release.

Patience is a virtue.

Since I still had a few hours to kill I caught up on those codex entries I’d been ignoring. I was amused to see how closely the entries on Esme’s interactions with her crew mirrored what I’d written in an earlier blog post.

After that I decided to work on the side quests I’d picked up:

Lost Brother & Ryder Family Secrets

Lost Brother was fairly simple once I’d figured out a route back up the cliff, and Ryder Family Secrets just activated a memory trigger – the real information will come when we get back to the SAM Node.

The Secret Project

Enroute to the site for First Murderer, Esme stumbled across the second Eos colony site: Resilience. Intel was that the kett had attacked during colony evacuation, resulting in a massacre. Despite this we only located 2 bodies, causing Esme to speculate that the kett may have removed them. Liam asked that she stop trying to give him nightmares. 

What Esme did find at the site was a massive kett which the codex refers to as a Fiend [but I’m going to have a hard time not referring to as a Brute]. It had been locked in one of the buildings, and its release made Cora panic and call for an evacuation for the Pathfinder. Since the kett chose that moment to attack, we just had to get on with it. 

A scan round the research lab showed that the Site 2 scientists had been working on some kind of weapon to use against the kett. We traipsed about collecting the remaining components and scanned the project in the lab. The mission is showing as complete, but I’m not really sure what was accomplished. I hope we’ll learn more back on the Tempest, or the Nexus.

First Murderer

There wasn’t much to see at the scene of Chief Reynolds’ death. A quick scan of the area made it clear that the local Kaerkyn had been at the body, and Esme and team followed a grisly trail across the desert looking for Reynolds’ omni-tool and some answers [reminded me a bit of the Witcher-sense detective work Geralt does in Witcher 3]. The omni-tool was in the nest [of course], as was his armour chest piece. Though the kett were responsible for Reynolds’ death, the omni-tool recording showed things weren’t that clear cut – meaning Esme needs another little chat with Nilken once she’s back on the Nexus.

We made a final stop to deploy a mining drone in a mineral rich area, before I left Esme waiting for the door to unlock, and the real fun to begin.

Priority Mission:

Open the door to the Remnant site.