Fixing Eos

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Eos: A Better Beginning; Naming the Dead; Shock Treatment; Pathfinder Armour Crafting, Waking up to the Future.


Xbox insisted on a bunch of updates before I got my hands on the full game. Finally, it was time to see what lay behind door number 1. Short answer: nothing. Peebee demanded that Esme use her Pathfinder powers, but before she could explain that it doesn’t work like that, another entrance opened: a gravity well. So Esme jumped in.

Last one in.

The Remnant vault looked like the Deep Roads (all veins of blue light) if they’d been designed by the Protheans (pyramids and blocks).

From here you can travel anywhere in Thedas.
Some initial scanning revealed that there had been some kind of power lockdown. While Peebee went to investigate a strange artefact she’d found [“I work better alone” – the last person who told me that in a ME game took a bullet to the back, but whatever], Esme and the team followed the conduit through the vault to the source of the power lockdown, fighting groups of Remnant and falling into strange channels of fluid (“It burns!”) along the way.
The Hall of Trees.
Bizarrely, given they were a couple of levels deep into the vault, they also came across trees, growing quite happily in the dark.

After a stop for minor repairs, courtesy of some code Peebee picked up from some Observers and sent our way, we found the source of the power lockdown.

Cue giant boulder in 5,4,….
Before the team could pat themselves on the back for a job well done, the system unleashed some kind of death cloud. Next came a mad sprint back through the vault to escape. Peebee caught up to us just as we reached the main door. It was locked. Esme lunged for the nearest console, and managed to bring the system back on line just before the cloud hit.

The reboot not only saved them from misty death, but opened a galaxy map which revealed the location of other vaults.

Seeing stars. And Vaults.
Among the other vaults, one appears to be active. In her excitement at the find, Peebee volunteered to join us. Esme pointed out that Pathfinders work with a team, and Peebee’s solo approach may not mesh too well, but they agreed that combining resources would probably be for the best.

With the atmospheric processor doing it’s work, it was time to contact the Nexus and get an outpost set up. The team had spotted a good site when first checking out the monoliths, and we went back there to find Drack mid-firefight with some kett. He’d already heard that Esme was responsible for the change to the weather, and he was pretty impressed with her fighting skills too. So Esme extended an invitation for him to join. Drack was skeptical – she’s still relatively untried, and he has no reason to trust the Nexus – but he decided he wanted to see how things play out.

The next decision was what type of outpost to establish: Cora favoured military, while Liam plumped for scientific research. SAM warned that Esme’s choice would be seen as politically significant back on the Nexus, so we opted for a research outpost. It fits with the spirit of the Andromeda mission, and I’m anticipating that we will meet other, less obnoxious aliens, who will take kindly to more peaceable intentions.

The outpost was quickly established under Mayor August Bradley. He seems both optimistic, and willing to learn from past mistakes. Addison travelled down for the initial setup, and is now a little more positive about Esme’s abilities. Addison warned her to be cautious of the Nexus leadership, and when challenged on whether she was different, said that she at least knew what she’d come to Andromeda to do [a good point actually: according to the codex Addison took her role on the understanding that it would be temporary. Unlike Tann, or Kandros, she’s unlikely to use the power to her own advantage].

Instant Outpost: just add a Pathfinder.
The team toured the outpost and met the main staff. We also picked up a few side quests – including a mission to rescue some foolish colonists who thought they could turn Remnant robots into their own private army. That didn’t end well. Esme did discover a new type of Remnant though.

Finally, it was time to head back to the Nexus.

Priority Mission:

See how Peebee and Drack are settling in on the Tempest; speak to Director Tann on the Nexus.