Tin Can in Space

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Nexus: A Better Beginning; AVP Cryo Deployment Perks; First Murderer; Station Sabotage; Ryder Family Secrets; Path of a Hero; Broken Wires; The Firefighters; Monkey in Space.


The first staff meeting back on the Tempest petered out after Drack and Peebee pointedly ignored Cora’s bunk assignments – this is going to be a fun trip 😦

A quick tour of the ship yielded a little new info on the team, including some thoughts on morale from Lexi, then Esme changed into her new hoodie, ready to tackle the other kind of hell that is the Nexus.

The Pathfinder’s New Clothes

Despite Esme’s attempt to travel incognito, a crowd was waiting to meet her on the dock, wanting news about Eos. A Turian security guard helped disperse them after a few cautious remarks, and Esme was free to wander around the docking bay, which now has merchants, hydroponics, and a tech lab for Dr. Herik and friends.

First priority was taking delivery of the Pyjak Dr. Herik had asked us to keep on the Tempest [I think this was a Deluxe Edition perk, so you may not have this].

Three rules… what could go wrong?
Then we picked up some equations Dr. Aridana wanted SAM to look at, before heading over to the Hyperion. 

An Angry Woman [literally her designation on the HUD] gave a pointed reminder that there’s still a way to go, by yelling at Esme about how everything that’s gone wrong is Ryder Sr.’s fault. A second pointed reminder came when Esme gave SAM Dr. Aridani’s equations, only to find they were infected with a Trojan horse virus that could have severed Esme’s connection to SAM if it hadn’t been so much more than people know.

The memory they’d unlocked on Eos underlined this point: it showed a little about Ryder’s philosophy behind developing SAM. Namely that, if humans and AI work symbiotically, then there’s less likelihood of the AI turning on its creator. Interesting to note that the original purpose of his research was to give humans an ‘edge’ in galactic politics.

A confrontation with Dr. Aridani yielded the information that there’s considerable Anti-AI sentiment on the Nexus; not that the good Dr. is involved. A chat with a hacked VI revealed that the purpose of the virus was to ‘free’ Esme, and SAM suggested that she play along in an attempt to discover more about the group and its leaders. We’re now waiting to know if we can meet the leader.

On the bright side, another potential sabotage case turned out to be due to some stowaway wildlife from Eos – Esme had Dr. Herik alerted to collect it.

Tann was beside himself with excitement at Esme’s success, and trying to lord it over the other Initiative leaders. Kandros was concerned over the choice to establish a scientific, rather than military, outpost, but Kesh countered that this outcome directly benefits the Nexus [I like this Krogan – she understands!]. None of them was particularly enthused about the prospect of more Remnant tech either. Kandros worried that it would escalate things with the kett. Tann suggested she should focus on the missing Arks [no doubt while planning how to take all the credit].

Addison, who Esme visited in her office, is the only one who’s actually been helpful, as she’s opened up AVP (Andromeda Viability Points) Status Control, administered by the delightful Vladimir. In other words, we now get perks for making Andromeda liveable.

Last call before setting out in search of the next vault was a visit to Scott. SAM had managed to access Scott’s implant, granting the twins a brief telepathic conversation. After getting through the news of their Dad’s death, Esme baulked at telling him that Andromeda was not all they’d hoped [I mean, in some ways it is better than the hype – all these mysteries to solve], so at some point we’re going to have to address the fact that she lied to him. But not just yet.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Admitted that she was upset that, after mentoring her for so long, Ryder Sr. passed her over as Pathfinder. She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to get in Esme’s way.


Really excited about their successes so far [especially the not dying; he was quite fixated on that], but Lexi speculated that he may crash hard if/when they come up against a situation where they can’t win.


Mentioned someone special who ‘changed’ during cryo-sleep. I suspect she’s actually running away rather than seeking the next adventure. 


Turns out he’s Kesh’s grandfather. And Lexi clearly has a massive crush on him [I’m looking at that thesis of hers in a whole new light].

Priority Mission:

Locate the active vault.