WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Onaon: A Trail of Hope


SAM warned of an imminent collision before we’d even come out of FTL into the Onaon system. When we did, we were greeted by an army [navy?] of kett ships; Kallo announced that they were scanning the Tempest, so Esme told him to scan them back. We were then hailed by a kett known as the Archon.

Resistance is futile.

Esme identified herself as the Pathfinder. The Archon was dismissive of who or what she was, telling her that they would be brought aboard his ship, and she should prepare for greatness [I kind of wish SAM would translate literal meanings – I suspect it would give us a lot of insight into how the kett really think – I’m pretty sure they’re not planning on issuing Esme with a medal]. 

The kett had the Tempest caught in some kind of tractor beam with the Scourge right behind it, but SAM told Esme to keep the Archon talking while he plotted their escape. Said escape required Kallo to pilot them through the Scourge. No pressure. On the other side they found themselves above their destination, a planet full of life, and, to judge by the shuttles directing them to a specific navpoint: occupied.

Kind of like Sur’Kesh

This was Esme’s second attempt at First Contact, and the Angara were at least willing to talk before shooting.

Governor Paraan Shie extends a cautious welcome.
Some questioning revealed that power in Aya is split between the governor, and the leader of the Resistance (a military force tasked with defending them from the kett). The person Esme would really have to impress was the Resistance leader, Evret.

Evret was almost as dismissive of the humans as the Archon, but Esme’s open, honest approach at least convinced him that they were not currently a threat. Her request to visit the vault was denied though: it had been sealed shut, and the scientist who knew most about it had been captured. In fact, the kett are going out of their way to capture the Angara. Ryder’s offer of help was neither wanted, nor appreciated by Evret. His second-in-command, Jaal, stepped in at this point, volunteering to travel with the Pathfinder, and learn more about these new arrivals. We had found our final crew member.

Back on board, Peebee and Cora were in agreement that the vault was the priority, and anything else could wait. Esme explained that they had a cunning plan, then turned to Jaal to check that they did, in fact, have a cunning plan.

“You’re up, new guy.”

Jaal explained the history of the Angaran ‘war’ with the kett, and that trust toward other aliens was not high. By travelling with Jaal and assisting him on Resistance missions, they could gain the trust of the Angarans, and hopefully get permission to access the vault. The choices were a trip to Voeld, site of the ground war against the kett, or Havarl, the Angaran home world, where scientists were currently studying its ecological decline.

So, war zone or ecological disaster? Of course we chose the latter.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Esme may have flirted with him, and it may have been excruciating, and that’s all I have to say about that. Liam has suggested that a movie night would be just the thing to raise morale. So probably not Aliens, then.


Settling in very well, considering everyone on the crew is a previously unknown species of alien. And he’s already calibrating his omni-tool [what is it with these alien tech boys and calibrations?].


Is trying to get everyone to play him at poker. Liam decided he wanted to keep hold of his credits [and clothes, and kidneys…], but the rest of the crew have started a regular game in order to upskill then take Gil down – who says morale is low?


Still not getting on with Gil. I developed a theory about this when Esme overheard him borrowing credits from Suvi, who wondered why he never had any money….

Priority Mission:

Speak to the scientists on Havarl.