WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Havarl: Helping Havarl’s Scientists; Forgotten Stars; Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet; A Dying Planet


Havarl is a jungle planet that’s gone to the wild side.

Don’t touch anything.
It’s also permanently night there, which is my least favourite type of environment to play in [screw you, Hissing Wastes, screw you]. Still, Esme had Angara to impress, so we got on with it. Jaal was an obvious choice for the ground team (there to smooth things over with the locals), and I decided to let Vetra come along for this trip.

Scientist Kiiran Dals was preoccupied with the fate of her team, who were trapped in some kind of stasis field in the nearby monolith, and skeptical that these newcomers could help. I think she mostly agreed so that we would get out of her lab.

We delayed rescuing the trapped scientists to retrieve some lost data for one of their colleagues, and earn a few brownie points. That done, we set off for the monolith.

Frozen scientists.
The stasis fields were a simple fix – Esme and SAM interfaced with a console and presto! Turns out the scientists had no idea they’d even been frozen.

Having gained a little trust, Esme suggested resetting the vault. The only catch? The third monolith was missing. Torvar, one of the rescued scientists, suggested travelling to see the Sages – Angara who’ve abandoned modern society to preserve the history of their people – who live on top of a Remnant structure. Of course. Torvar also mentioned that he’d seen some grey, spiky aliens that look like Vetra. We finally had a lead on one of the missing Arks.

Travelling across Havarl toward the sages put us on a collision course with the Roekaar, a xenophobic separatist Angara movement. We came across the Turian encampment under Roekaar attack, and ran in to help. The Turians here are led by Avitus Rix, a former Council Spectre, and second-in-line as Turian Pathfinder, which means he’s fairly certain that said Pathfinder, Macen, is alive. I would have liked an option to slap down his comment about there being no law in Andromeda given, Jaal, a native of the system, was standing right there. We’ve agreed to keep searching for other Turian survivors, and tag Natanus debris for collection. 

The sages were very impressed that Esme had got through the Remnant defences, and then asked her to leave.

Head up for spiritual enlightenment.
Since the Angara are more open about their feelings than Milky Way races, I had Esme take the emotional route and challenge whether they were going to sit by while their home planet dies around them.

It turns out that the sages believe in reincarnation, and that a modern Angara might, with the use of a family heirloom, retrieve the memory of their past life, and tell us where the monolith is. Problem one, the heirloom we needed was in a spot crawling with Remnant. Problem two, the Angara we needed was a Roekaar.

Taavos: not a fan of aliens.
Esme swapped out Vetra for Drack, and we pressed on.

Problem one was complicated by a new type of Remnant: the Destroyer [a Mech by any other name…] which destroyed Esme in short order. Next time we were prepared, and picked up the heirloom – some sort of glove for interfacing with Remnant consoles.

Problem two had more of an ethical complication: I would have liked a way to get to Taavos that didn’t involve murdering all his troops before asking him for a favour 😦

Taavos gave us a navpoint for the site he believed the monolith to be at, and didn’t even try to kill us when we arrived.

In search of the missing monolith.
Getting the monolith working was a simple task, more interesting were the revelations from Taavos’ memories, and an ancient audio recording. It seems his ancestor may have been able to shake off the effects of a stasis field similar to the one the other scientists were caught in, and learnt to use Remnant tech by watching the ‘watchers’ [the Remnant Observers? Or someone else?]

The Havarl vault was in better repair than the one on Eos, so the reset was a smoother process. Once I’d figured out that the number of lights next to each console in the main room indicated it’s place in the sequence to open the door to the ‘purification’ console, that is. Esme returned to the research lab to find that she’d started some kind of religion vs. science debate regarding reincarnation and memory transfer. Of more immediate interest to Esme, Kiisan had extended an invitation for Initiative scientists to assist them on Havarl. Our work here was done, for now at least.

Priority Mission:

A quick trip back to the Nexus to discuss attempts to locate Turian survivors, and check in at the SAM node, then on to Voeld.