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WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Eos: Waking Up to the Future; Cora Harper: Asari Ark; Hitting Rocks for Science; Outpost Supplies on Eos; Making an Impression.

Nexus: Sleeping Dragons; Gil Brodie: A Game of Poker; Movie Night: Getting Started; Ryder Family Secrets.


Cora got word that an Asari had turned up on Eos who might give us a lead on the Asari Ark, so we went to Eos before heading back to the Nexus.

Unlike the Turian Ark, which seems to have been torn apart by the Scourge, the Asari Ark came under attack by the kett, and they were ordered to evacuate. The next step is to track an Asari ship that may know more [conveniently their last known location was near Voeld, where we’ll be heading when we get back to the main mission].

While on Eos we checked in on the Turian who we had released early from cryo, who paid her debt by giving us a tip on how we might disrupt kett supply runs. Next up we had a chat with Hainly, who bribed us to go do some geological work by letting us play with seismic hammers. 

Different day; same Remnant tech.
Hainly’s task got us out exploring new parts of Eos: clearing out kett camps, mining for minerals, and other routine tasks. The seismic hammer task quickly became less than routine when we ran into a small human team who claimed to be from the sovereign nation of Advent. 

It seems that some of the Milky Way colonists don’t want to wait on the Nexus timeline for colonisation and have set up on their own. They asked if Esme would be willing to use the seismic hammer to tap a natural gas deposit instead of altering the water supply routes, which Podromos they could then use to trade to Advent for water. Since the point of Podromos is to get Eos up and running for colonisation so that more colonists can be brought out of cryo, Esme wasn’t inclined to go out of her way for people who’d decided that what they wanted was more important than anything else and opted out of helping their fellow colonists.

The mission was also complicated by, on placing the final seismic hammer, a confrontation with a new kind of Remnant: an Architect.

Well that’s new!
This was not a quick fight. The Architect created waves of other Remnant, targeted us with mines, and retreated each time we took out a weak point. A lot of cover, and strategic movement required on our part, but eventually the Architect was down, and Esme could interface with it.

A sweep back around toward Podromos gave us eyes on a major kett site – some sort of power station – but I decided it would keep for another day, and we took off for the Nexus.

Maybe tomorrow.

Tensions were high on the Nexus too, where a small group of protesters had gathered in Hydroponics to demand the release of their loved ones from cryo. Apparently it’s Esme’s fault for making the decision to focus on research on Eos [I’m pretty sure people would have protested either way – I kind of miss how no one believed in Shepard *sighs*]. They insisted that Esme could talk to Kandros and get their relatives released. I filed that one under ‘so don’t care’ [seriously? We’re still rationing stuff on the Nexus, but we should just wake up non-essential personnel because you want us to? Go do your jobs and make it possible for us to wake up more colonists! – where was that option on the dialogue wheel?!], and Esme went to play poker with Gil.

SAM offered to help Esme cheat, but we decided to play fair. Not really sure we learned a lot from Gil other than that he cares enough about his best friend to follow her to another galaxy. Which is actually kind of awesome. 

More bonding with SAM.
Most of the time back at the Nexus was spent on the Hyperion, first accessing another of Ryder Sr.’s memories (of Ellen Ryder meeting SAM), and then listening to the audio logs in his quarters (I missed that last time I was at SAM node because of the whole virus drama). Some interesting entries that suggest that Ryder Sr. may have crossed a line trying to get SAM, and the Andromeda Initiative, working. Also, some communications with an Asari archaeologist by the name of Liara T’Soni – prompting Esme to comment that they used to debate Liara’s theories while on Prothean digs.
Just think: we could have had Liara in this game.
I’m surprised that Liara’s theories are still considered unproven given the other sensitive information the Initiative managed to acquire.

I wonder why nobody’s answering… *sobs*.

With no further secrets available, it was time to get back to the Tempest, give Liam his copy of the Nexus vid library, and head on to Voeld.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Came down to the cargo hold to find him chatting up both Peebee and Cora. I think it may just be that Angara openness, but he’s coming across as a flirt.


Tackled him on the topic of his ‘feud’ with Kallo. He insists that they just have very different personalities, but suggests that they actually keep each other in check: the start of a beautiful and unlikely friendship?


We talked a little about the uprising on the Nexus; he’s convinced Spender is crooked and will make trouble for Kesh, so we’re going to look into it. It makes a nice change to meet a Krogan with family ties.

Priority Mission:

To Voeld where we will help the Angara, and see if we can track the Asari Ark.