WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.

No update yesterday because I’ve had vertigo for the past two days, so only played a couple of short bursts. Hoping the worst of that is over, but DLC for FFXV just released so the pace of play on MEA may stay slow for a little while.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Voeld: Brought to Light; Eyes on the Ground; Frequency; Meet the Resistance; Meet the Family; Peebee’s Secret Project; Restoring a World; Stage a Rescue; The Lost Song; White Death.


Voeld is an ice planet, so we were plagued by warnings from SAM about the temperature dropping. Thankfully we were not required to sacrifice any animals to stay warm, as the Angara have solar heaters in key locations at their camps – kett camps and Remnant sites also seem to offer safe conditions [in terms of the temperature at least].

Having completed Helping Havarl’s Scientists, we could have moved on to the next main quest and gone to rescue the Moshae. I decided that Esme would honour Jaal’s initial briefing, and help the Resistance on Voeld first. A decision that took us down a rabbit-hole of proliferating secondary ops.

After an initial meeting with Resistance forces on Voeld, who were a little more welcoming than the scientists on Havarl, given what Esme had accomplished there, we set out in the direction of Hjara, a nearby Daar (settlement?) where someone had requested help. Jaal was out on this trip with us, and I decided to pair him with Liam this time. To judge by Liam’s panicky “Maybe don’t gun it down the ice road!” I’ve regained my driving mojo when it comes to the Nomad. Given their frequent comments, neither of Esme’s teammates appreciate her skills [the Nomad corners just fine, Jaal!].

Hjara is a fairly small settlement. We stayed long enough to pick up details of a rescue mission from Skeot, and discover that something was interfering with Angara communications. We took out the kett prison camp pretty quickly [Charge & Nova combo FTW], and Skeot’s uncle Niilj asked us to take the info they’d acquired on to a major Angara settlement, Techiix. We also tracked the frequency back to source: a meteor that had come through the Scourge. Jaal mentioned that it happens sometimes and they can have strange effects – in this case driving the local wildlife crazy. Liam suggested that the scientists on the Nexus would want to study it, but Esme decided that it was safer staying where it was. They just dampened the signal.

Techiix provided a number of new ops, and news that Turians had sheltered there for a few nights. It seemed strange as the Turian Ark clearly broke up somewhere near the Faroang system, but they could have been exiles or deserters from the Nexus. The information from Niilj would be key to infiltrating a kett base, but the codes were about to change, so we needed to hit the base soon. On the way out an Angara asked us to flush out a Wraith he had been tracking. The shot that resulted was awesome enough that Esme asked to meet the sniper. Sadly we were not allowed to take him home with us, so just persuaded him that the Resistance could benefit from his skills instead.

“It’s cold outside….”

We took a look at the kett shielding [that was optional, and we literally just went and looked at it, so I’ll be interested to see whether it gives us any advantage on the main op], grabbed Peebee’s Rem-tech, and pursued some Milky Way poachers who were hunting sea creatures (Yevara) revered by the Angara. It turned out that they had been hired by an Angara scientist who believes that the Yevara have an enzyme which could help Angara soldiers heal quicker from their battles with the kett. Although Jaal claimed not to know how to decide what to do, and left it to Esme, I felt that after her conversations with Jaal and others about why the Yevara were so revered, and his reaction to the scientist’s revelation, Esme would choose to alert the Resistance to the scientist’s work.

A trip to an abandoned daar to help a historian retrieve an ancient map revealed that he was actually a smuggler, and the assistants he’d sent to loot the town were the aforementioned Turians. Having seen what the kett had done to the place they were more than happy to hand over the map to the Resistance, but asked Esme to go easy on the Angara involved. We’ll see.

Though we were now close to the kett base, I sent Esme to get the first monolith up and running. Fairly easy in this case as the site was abandoned and largely buried in snow. As if to make up for that, the Remnant Sudoku was trickier this time – patterns of 5 glyphs. The next monolith is very close to the base, so I think it’s time to act on Niilj’s information.

Priority Mission:

Finish this initial sweep of secondary ops on Voeld, and circle back to meet the Resistance team planning to rescue the Moshae.