Still on Voeld

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Tempest: Liam Kosta: Armour Diplomacy

Voeld: Cora Harper: Asari Ark; Fact or Fiction; Intercepted; Remove the Heart; Restoring a World.


We started the day back on the Tempest. Peebee asked to see Esme, apparently just so she could tell her to go away and let her get on with her secret project. [Charming.] Liam had requested funding for some kind of cultural exchange project of his own, so Esme went to check that out. It turned out that they were asking all the awkward questions about each other’s species in order to figure out where the boundaries were for making fun of each other. Which required them to be naked because… BioWare? Esme very pointedly did not complain about that aspect.

Once her field team got their armour back on, we hit the next monolith before heading up to the kett base. For some reason I keep pressing ‘A’ instead of cycling through the glyphs to do the Alien Sudoku. Since failed attempts call up a wave of Remnant you can imagine how annoying that became.

Next was the kett base. I struggled to find the fun in this mission as it felt, again, like SAM was constantly telling me to do stuff. By all means have the AI tell us our target, but the constant repetition while we fought our way through waves of kett was ridiculous – I know where to go, it’s marked on the map! In fact, since SAM can supposedly read Esme’s mind, he knows that she knows where to go.

Between SAM’s nagging, and all the charging, I never really got a sense for the layout of the place, or what all the different consoles were for.

“I have no memory of this place.”
Even worse: I don’t know if I got all the loot!

After that it was time for monolith No.3, where Esme took out an Eiroch with melee attacks.

Yes, I took a picture!
I mention this because I could not get on with melee in ME3, and for some reason it’s really clicked for me in MEA.

As the vault was nearby, I figured we’d push the planet further toward viability before heading out on the next priority mission.

Ice Vault.
Since temperatures had been normal around the monoliths, Esme died a couple of times before I realised that was what was draining her life support. It took another death before I realised that the shielded areas could, and should, be used to restore life support. [Oops.] Once I had that figured, it was fairly easy to get the vault back online.
The sky’s awake!
I think this was the most spectacular change so far, even if the planet does remain a ball of ice.

We mopped up a few secondary ops on the way back, discovering in the process that the Roekaar are responsible for intercepting the supply drops. I suspect we’ll need to deal with the Roekaar at some point.

I may have hit 140kph down that last hill.
With that done, it was time to meet up with the Resistance team and head out on a rescue mission.

Priority Mission:

Rescue Moshae Sjefa.