WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Voeld: A Trail of Hope.


The rescue mission plan was simple: find our way into the base using a combination of SAM, and the Angaran shield hack programme, then find and extract the Moshae. Easy.

Enroute to the big showdown.

Yeah, no. Once they got into the building the Resistance strike team went off to provide a distraction, while the Pathfinder team of Esme, Drack, and Jaal searched for the Moshae. No one has ever come back from the kett base, so the Resistance were hoping to get some intel on what was happening to their people too. The primary and secondary missions combined in the most awful way,  when our team stumbled across a kett religious ceremony of some kind.

The Archon is always watching yooouuu!

I should say at this point that, if you’ve been reading the various kett console and datapad messages on the worlds we’ve visited so far, the revelation that the kett reproduce by turning suitable alien candidates into kett hardly comes as a surprise [especially if you were there for the ‘the Collector’s are Protheans’ moment in ME2]. Since the other strike team set off their distracting explosions before the kett ceremony concluded, our team were prevented from learning the full horror for the moment. The more pressing issue was that the Archon required the Moshae to be retrieved and taken to his ship. 

Different galaxy; same shit.

Esme and team needed to find her, and quickly.

In the course of looking for the Moshae, the team got a graphic demonstration of what the kett were doing to the Angara.

Once you become a Level 5 Laser Lotus you can levitate.
They could only watch the transformation helplessly from the decontamination chamber while it cycled through its programme, but Jaal went suitably medieval on all involved once the chamber unlocked. And then promptly collapsed at the realisation that he had been killing his own people the whole time.
And now they know what they’re dealing with.
While Esme got Jaal back on his feet, Drack got a fix on the Moshae’s location, but the Cardinal was there ahead of us. We had another chase, and a fight on our hands. In the meantime SAM had come up with a cunning plan to destroy the base, but which would also kill any Angara still inside, due to their electromagnetic abilities; so we would have a fairly important decision to make too.

The Cardinal was equipped with a little drone guy that not only shielded him, but allowed him to throw the energy at his enemies. As if that weren’t painful enough, waves of other kett would come to help at regular intervals. It was another of those fights of attrition, this time enlivened by my propensity to charge Esme off the walkway.

Moshae Sjefa was badly injured, kett reinforcements were on their way, and there were a lot of Angara still in the facility. The Cardinal, down, but not quite out, offered to release the captives in exchange for the base remaining intact. The Moshae insisted that it should be destroyed, even if she died with it, but Jaal couldn’t sanction the loss of life, and Esme picked her team mate over the person she’d just met [I wonder if this will be one of those choices – like the Geth Base in ME2 – where the decision that seems to save more people actually does more harm in the long term?]. The Cardinal was babbling about how Esme was close to grasping the greatness offered to those who became kett, and I wondered if this was originally Jien Garson or one of her team [hey, I don’t know what happened to their bodies], but we shall probably never know, because Esme shot her.

Back on the Tempest, the Moshae was quite snippy about how Esme hadn’t done what she wanted. I suppose that’s fair since the Archon had been torturing her to get information about the Remnant. Still, Esme felt that she’d made the right call in a tough situation. So did Jaal, and he’s the one who’s staying on her ship. Everyone else wanted to talk about what we’d learned on Voeld.

Lexi is the best [and BioWare are kind of awesome too].
We set course for Aya, to return the Moshae to her people, and Esme did her rounds.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Had to ask for Esme to come speak to her, because I keep forgetting where she is and ignoring her [theirs is an awkward and strictly professional relationship – it’s a roleplaying decision,… ahem, moving on]. Cora was majorly freaked out by the kett method of reproduction. Which then gave way to fretting about what Ryder Sr. might have done in this situation, and talking about how we needed to find this Asari she’s so in awe of…. Seems Cora needs to be told what to do – I’m starting to get why Ryder Sr. passed the Pathfinder role to Esme..


Noted that the kett method of borrowing other species’ genes was similar to Asari borrowing of other species’ traits for reproduction. Then she was horrified to learn that she and Lexi agreed on something, and disavowed her comments. This revelation about the kett has really made her want to help the Angara.


It came out that Vetra had pretty much raised her younger sister, and that she’d made some bad choices in the Milky Way that could have had fall-out for Sid. Since her whole reason for being in Andromeda was to keep Sid safe, I can see why the prospect of assimilation by the kett is terrifying.


Counselled Esme that we need to take the Archon out hard and fast; but also smart, since we’ll probably only get one shot.

Getting some wisdom from the old man.


Pretty much inconsolable at what had been done to his people. He and Esme talked about how the Tempest crew is coming together as a family, and he expressed his gratitude for her friendship, and the chance to be part of a bigger mission. I think he’ll be ok.


As predicted by Lexi, he hit a situation that he couldn’t blast through: namely that diplomats on both Aya and the Nexus were so hesitant about pooling their resources against the obvious threat that the kett pose to all life in Andromeda. Lexi needn’t have worried though, he and Esme bonded over what made a place a home, and then one thing led to another…. He’ll also be ok.

Priority Mission:

Return the Moshae to Aya, and request access to the Aya vault.