Aya Again

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:


A Trail of Hope; Recovering the Past; Safe Journeys; Laws and Custom; Messages to the Nexus; Trading Favours.


Aid APEX; Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal; Peebee’s Secret Project; Ryder Family Secrets.


Boosting the Signal.



Our reception was much better this time, with the whole crew escorting Moshae Sjefa off the Tempest.

Where do we pick up our medals?
Paraan Shie was delighted, and invited us to explore Aya. Evfra was more grudging, but he did accept Esme’s request to keep Jaal on the Tempest.

On exploring, I found 2 missions Esme probably should have picked up last time we were here – I guess I took the instruction not to talk to the inhabitants a bit too seriously. So we’ll investigate a shuttle on Havarl, and a supplier on Voeld in due course.

Feelings among the Angara are mixed: Esme was given a full rundown of the laws and rules that apply on Aya; that apply to everyone who happened to find themselves on Aya.

I thought “Don’t cheat” covered it.
She had a quiet word with Vetra about not letting her instincts take over when bargaining. The Governor’s Assistant asked Esme to transmit messages from the Angaran citizens to the Nexus. They ranged from ‘Please save us’ to ‘Bugger off’; there was an option to edit the selection, but I decided the Nexus needed to know that the Initiative isn’t universally welcomed among the Angara.

Once Esme had explored, I sent her to meet Moshae Sjefa at the vault. They worked out that the difference between Aya’s vault and the others, is that it’s properly connected to a central control somewhere.

Which dot are we again?
The Moshae recognised the symbol as something the Archon had referred to as the Meridian. He has been there, but can’t work the technology, hence his interest in those, like the Moshae, and the Ryders, who can. Esme decided that it was imperative that they go to the Meridian and get all the vaults working.

Esme met up with the Moshae again in Evfra’s office, to find her confronting him. It turned out that he’d concealed the fact that the Moshae had been betrayed to the kett by one of the Resistance. Esme got to mutter about how she could have kept quiet about SAM. At any rate, this new intel would need to be followed up on in Kadara – a place that people rather pointedly aren’t calling a hive of scum and villainy. 

The Nexus:

Director Tann surprised me by being pleased that the Angaran messages hadn’t been filtered, and he even took Esme’s advice on how to handle the negotiations – perhaps there’s hope for him yet.

As agreed with Drack, Esme did some snooping about Spender. Kesh suspected that he’d been playing all sides during the mutiny, and some security tapes had been scrubbed. What we recovered was enough to tell us to look in Kadara. In case we were in any doubt that he’s dodgy.

In passing Esme agreed to share intel with APEX [only fair since they do a lot of work for us], explained to a pacifist Salarian how little hope there was of meaningful dialogue with the kett, and encouraged a ‘Concerned Citizen’ to spend some time with the Angaran delegation. 

Cultural Exchange Programme.
In turn, Esme reassured the Angaran Ambassador that the Initiative would be open with them, to allay their fears after first contact with the kett went so badly wrong. 

System Scanning:

Enroute from the Nexus to Eos, I had Esme and Suvi scan the surrounding systems. I’d hoped we might find more Turians, but there was no sign of them.

This made me so sad….
We did manage to find an Asari capsule (too damaged to recover the logs), and the remains of Dr. Aridana’s science mission 😦


Decided to take Vetra and Drack out for this jaunt. They get on really well on the Tempest, and I wanted to see if that translated to the field as well as Liam and Jaal’s friendship does. We had a quick chat with Mayor Bradley on arrival; he’s grateful for the work we’ve done for Hainly. And to be off the Nexus, judging by how non-commital he was when Esme asked his opinion of leadership there.

We got the signal booster set up, so that the folks on Eos get the news from Nexus [I doubt they’ll thank us for that], and I called it a night.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Esme took Peebee up on her offer to visit her apartment on the Nexus. Peebee unveiled her project: a repurposed Remnant bot! Esme has a little combat buddy!

We also got to meet Peebee’s obnoxious {Ex? / Old friend? / Sister? / Delete as appropriate} No doubt we’ll learn more in due course. 


Anatomy lesson.
Finally got hold of a kett to scan, and was able to tell Jaal that the transformation is complete – Angara ‘exalted’ into kett are no longer Angara – and irreversible.


Esme checked in with him, and they agreed that there was potential for things to get serious. So they’re going on a date the next time we go back to Aya. Adorable.


Things finally came to a head with Gil, and Kallo stormed off to confront him.

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.
While Esme was sympathetic to what the Tempest means to Kallo, and that his eidetic memory makes his perspective different, the Tempest isn’t a museum and the crew’s safety has to take priority, so Esme supported Gil [I feel uncomfortable about missions that pit crew members against each other; the Tempest isn’t that big and the dialogue options were quite simplistic for this situation].

Priority Mission:

Take care of the kett power plant on Eos.