Little Duck

WARNING – This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check out the Mass Effect website for more information on the game.


Esme Ryder

Mission Summary:

Eos: Defeating the Kett; Kett’s Bane; Outpost Supplies on Eos; Ryder Family Secrets.


Today we took down the kett power station on Eos. A fairly straightforward mission – take out groups of kett while disabling shields and power – that was marred by my inability to find the console where I could turn off the damned alarm.

Shortly After this, we triggered the alarm.
It was one of those times where I really miss the mini-map. Clearing the base took Eos viability to 100%, which had no immediate visual impact, but hopefully we’ll see some differences when we go back.
A job well done.

There was a memory trigger point nearby, and enroute to that we got a comm message from someone who chose to refer to Esme as ‘Little Duck’, which Drack found highly entertaining. We had finally come across the ‘kett expert’ who’d left a message for us at Podromos. I took the nickname personally enough to wonder whether to ignore the message – Esme and team had just taken out a kett base after all. I’m glad I didn’t because our contact was one Bain Massani, whose absentee father had apparently been some big time merc back in the Milky Way [Aargh! I met Zaaed’s kid!].

Mystery contact not quite revealed.
He gave us nav points for some smaller kett bases that we dutifully cleared. I hope we see him again.

The memory trigger didn’t reveal enough to unlock anything in SAM node, but we did come across a group of repentant exiles who wanted to come back. They were behind the missing supplies, but Esme elected to offer them an amnesty at Podromos, who she was sure would take in anyone that was prepared to work. Esme checked in with Bradley when we got back to Podromos, but he didn’t mention returnees. There may yet be fallout from Tann or Addison, but it seemed like the right call to me.

Crew Dossiers (CONFIDENTIAL):


Back on the ship Kallo asked for Esme’s help (more to the point, clearance) at the Research Centre. Thanks to his eidetic memory he had been able to recreate all the schematics for the Tempest, and wanted to add them to the Research Centre so that Gil could make changes more easily.

Kallo said he felt like he was letting down the team who had fought so hard to build the Tempest, but Esme pointed out that he had made the current crew understand her importance. And sure enough Gil was entranced when Kallo called him through to see the schematics for himself.

Priority Mission:

Next up is a trip back to Havarl to tidy up some loose ends.